An awesome platformer of jumping proportions

• 90 Total Levels
• 30 Classic Levels
• 30 Extra Levels
• 30 Exclusive Bonus Levels
• Improved Graphics
• New Background Art
• Parallax Scrolling
• Improved Game-Play
• Refined Touch Detection
• Online High-Score Boards

Hurdler is a game of platforming action through simple and intuitive controls. Every young hurdler's goal is to reach the golden balloon at the end of each level. However, there are many obstacles along the way. It's up to you to execute the proper jump in time. Clear the obstacles and make your way to the end by using Hurdler's four different jumping techniques. Be on the lookout for springboards strategically located for extra high jump power! You're on your way to becoming a Hurdler Champion!

The FULL version features ONLINE HIGH-SCORE BOARDS so you can compete with your friends over 90 levels of Hurdling action! Do you have what it takes to snag the ballons? Click "Apps Store" to find out!


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