An awesome platformer of jumping proportions
         Hurdler is a game of platforming action through simple and intuitive controls. Every young hurdler's goal is to reach the golden balloon at the end of each level. However, there are some obstacles along the way. It's up to you to execute the proper jump in time. Clear the obstacles and make your way to the end by using hurdler's four different jumping techniques. Also, be aware that even though our hurdling hero can jump over most obstacles some remain out of reach, so keep an eye out for springboards strategically located in the ground preceding a large obstacle.


         While playing Hurdler, make sure you have the iPhone or iPod touch tilted Counter Clockwise (Home button to the right).

         The controls for Hurdler are simple. After the word GO disappears, Hurdler will automatically run by himself. Either TOUCH the screen in the quadrants shown above, or SWIPE the screen in that direction to make Hurdler jump. Each jump has a specific situation in which it should be used:

- REGULAR JUMP: For clearing single or small piles of obstacles.
- HIGH JUMP: For clearing tall piles of obstacles (like trash can stacks) or to reach higher ground.
- LONG JUMP: For gaining distance in order to bridge large gaps, or for jumping under obstacles that hang over top of other obstacles.
- SHORT HOP: for slowing down, squeezing through tight spaces, or to pin-point jumps between obstacles placed closely together.

         Ultimately, it's your job to mix and match these 4 jumps to get Hurdler to the balloons. Many combinations may work, but you may also find that some levels have only one way to win.



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